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Caro Michigan Funerals

I really am glad Collon and Ranford are together.  It is a very peaceful place. Hugs Ransford, keep up the great work.

What to Bring

Be Prepared

Arranging a funeral for a loved one who has died is no easy task. During this difficult time, you are stricken with grief, overwhelmed, and it’s almost impossible to focus and remember little details. So we recommend creating a list ahead of time of everything we will need from you to begin the funeral preparation process.

Here’s a beginning checklist of everything you may need for your first visit with us:

  •   Social Security number of person who has died
  •   Discharge papers or Active Service papers
  •   Names and e-mails of persons to be notified
  •   Insurance Policies
  •   Deeds to burial property
  •   Driver's License
  •   List of Pallbearers or Honorary Pallbearers
  •   List of favorite music, bible verses or poetry - If none preferred, we have a full music library with suggestions
  •   Correct spelling of deceased and all surviving family members
  •   Church affiliation with preferred clergy person or other officiant for us to contact - If none preferred, we can help
  •   List of affiliations from work or charitable organizations

We can of course help you with other items on your checklist, but having the above items makes for a less stressful arrangement.